Start fresh with all the fun!

Trust is a fundamental step towards collaboration.
by Sireethorn Benjatanont
July 1st, 2015

I started my day by going bicycling along the river with Watt and Kanchany in the morning while Huyen practiced cycling around the campus. The view was really amazing and the weather was so good. I recommend that everyone should go for it sometimes. In a way back to my room, I also met Mai, another Laos girl who had just arrived yesterday. After finishing our breakfast in the Food Zoo, we moved to attend the rope courses activities. There, we split up in two and the first activities my team got is to stay balance on the board by getting on it one after another without letting it touch the ground. And all ten of us made it eventually! 😀 The big lesson I learned today is to trust others. We won’t be able to achieve it if we don’t trust one another and all of us didn’t collaborate. Everyone did a great job and it was really a mind-challenging activity.

After that is rock climbing. This was my first experience doing this kind of adventurous activity. I and Huyen paired up and started at the same time. As I went up, I could tell that the rocks get a bit smaller and that’s pretty scary up there. I’m so glad that we could make it to the top together! 🙂 Then, we moved on to another more challenging activities, which is ropes courses. Ann and Luffi were really eager to try it first. They’re really energetic! After watching a few more couples took the challenge, my turn finally came! Thanks to the idea from Noud, Chin, and the others, I and Khuong were able to go all the way to another side safely. All of us were really fun but a bit worn out after the activities. But I think the ones who should feel tired the most would probably be Brian and Jackson since they had to hold the weight of each of us on the ground for over 20 times. 😛

Another unforgettable moment is when we have special Asian lunches under the tree. I could tell from observing that everyone is so happy and satisfied when they can finally tastes familiar spicy dishes. It was like our first time having Asian food since we came here! I would also like to give Miss Environmentalist-of-the-day Award to May, who is the only fellow (if not mistaken) that remember to bring her tupperware for the meal. Yay!

After driving for almost an hour away, we finally reached the salmon lake which, I believe, has the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen here. We are so lucky that we got a chance to enjoy ourselves among this amazing view. Besides that, we also tried riding a hydrobike, which looks pretty much like a bike with paddles and buoy underneath. That was my first time getting on such vehicle in a vast lake like this and it turns out to be really interesting even though it seems scary at first. Apart from that, we also met with nice people who are going to host some of us in a few weeks. Dinner is a good occasion to get to know one another more and Huckleberry pie was really awesome!

After an entire lovely day, now I am really excited and couldn’t wait to join many more activities, which will be as valuable and enthralling as those of today, that await us for another five weeks. So we’d better save our energy over some good sleep and bring the best out together tomorrow!


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