Day of challenge

This is Luffi’s experience in third day in YSEALI program, things and events maybe described differently in other participants’ viewpoints. Today, all the YSEALI members faced with considerable challenges that will have profound influences on the outcome, what we will give and take eventually. The challenges are represented in both mental and physical aspects of a future leader.

Let’s talk about the mental first. It lied in the intensity of our interview with the fastidious judges: Dr. Len Broberg, Abby Huseth and Khavi Homsombath.


Figure 1

Figure 1 caption: We were showing ourselves to three judges to be chosen in one of judges’ team as same as candidates in “The Voice” show do. Just kidding.

In fact, we presented our ideas for our post-program national project to our enthusiastic mentors. The idea has to have possibility or impact in order to be funded and implemented. So, before entering the “hot seat”, Vietnam group had a number of meetings and discussion to brainstorm ideas and sketch our project frame. And we received such precious comments and feedbacks from our mentors to improve the planned project as action plans, budget.


Figure 2

Figure 2 caption: I learned a valuable lesson in completing a project. What is our objectives?, how can we measure and evaluate our success of objectives? , etc.

PS: I won’t reveal our project here, it will be soon implemented and you can find out what it is. It will be great.

Above-mentioned is my mental challenge, and how about another physical challenge in leadership acquirement. Today, our skill was put in a test called rafting. This is a real difficulty with nature and us to understand ourselves, our fears and step out of comfort zone. In our 20 miles rafting (equaled approximately 26km), I overcame rapids and whirlpools, and in some part of Clark Fork River, three girls in my raft had fell out into the wild current. When they received helps from others and got back the raft, I asked question like how do you feel in water? She answered that I so panicked, but I realized that my friends will save me so I just hold the paddle for them to not have to waste time and effort to find it. So simple, but meaningful. I, hence, saw the power of cooperation, trusting in addressing problems.


Figure 3

Figure 3 caption: This is such an unforgettable memory in this trip.

While writing these few words, I am feeling so exhausting, but exciting and rewarding. I was tested my both mental and physical ability to aware of what I am missing and need to be improving.

Before jumping into an end, I will quote an African proverb as my biggest lesson learnt from today challenges:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

From Hung Luffi,


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