Happy Fourth of July 2015

Hello!!! I am May from Myanmar. I am the one who is going to share every single piece of memories that I have seen in this special day.

May, a wonderer, started her day at 6 in the morning to explore how Americans celebrate and enjoy their ‘Independence Day’ and ended up an hour cycling around the city.

Morning class was started with Khavi’s sharing of his experiences of working as active SUSI/YSEALI alumni and how he contributed his knowledge in his country after the program. I enjoyed a brain-storming activity after the talk. Each national group presentations definitely showed that how we would like to contribute in our country with leadership initiations. Thanks Khavi for sharing your experiences!

The first outdoor explorations start with ‘Garden of 1,000 Buddhas’ in western Montana’s Jocko Valley which is being developed under the guidance of Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche, an incarnate Tibetan Buddhist lama. I would like to say special thanks to James for accompanying during group tour and Abby, Nick and Sam for a long drive!

Next exploration was at ‘Powwow’ where a traditional local Indians throw a party to honor America’s birthday. I was quite amazed with the party especially tradition costumes, dances, drumming which are decorated with feathers and colorful fancy accessories. Though we did pass through the wide hot field to proceed next destination, ‘Arlee Rodeo’, we lost our senses when cowboys and cowgirls show their skills at riding broncos and bulls and roping claves.

Today’s highlight, ‘Independence Day’ festivity, was celebrated by admiring ‘Fireworks Viewing over Missoula’ where we need to walk up to the “M” on the slopes of Mount Sentinel in this evening.

Though it was quite a hot, long, outing and exhausting day (especially when we walk up to the “M”), I did have a bunch of memories to keep throughout my life and share to my friends who have not got an opportunity like me to visit this beautiful Missoula.

Happy 239th Birthday, USA!

From May


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