See the History of Montana through the eyes

By Noud ( Laos)

We started the day with the adventurous journey from Missoula to Helena, Montana to explore the history of the ground which was excited moment to learn through our eyes. As we visited the Montana State Capitol, we have learned about the story of the people through the statue, painting and massive rotunda which show the journey and the struggles of the people happened in Montana for hundred years ago. Along with the history, it happened that people recorded stories as the albums of people’s lives who were inspired, powerful, mysterious and curious. From my perspective point, I was very impressed with the history here in Montana especially, the history about the brave women to involve in political aspect. It was passion because it was very inspired to see in the history of women who could involve in political aspect and make a change which clearly see that the women in Montana shared the culture, modernization to change the culture in the society even though it took years to do so which was extremely powerful and influent for the women’s roles until now. “ Women in Montana in that time struggled a lot of discrimination mentally on the belief and society which it took years for women to prove as the citizens to involve in politic that clearly see the change happened through women’s practices on culture to share and make a change in the society” the lady [ tour guide] in Montana State Capitol emphasized.

As the women in Mekong region, it is shown that now many women are still facing a lot of barriers from the oppression of cultures in society which long time to go to make a change, but I believe that this story of women in Montana will be very motivated women in Mekong region and other parts of the earth too.

Another impressive learning history of people in Montana was in Montana’s Historical Legacy . Here, we had the chance to explore more about the being of first people and the migration issues happened in Montana which we can see the various of the stories of people about their livelihood, activities, struggling through the arts. “It was very impressive when I see that how wonderful of human on traveling from one ocean to another ocean. It was incredible and fantastic of human ability to travel and learn how the world it, then the story of this always happened.” A Thai participant of YSEALI fellows pointed out appreciatively.

Surprisingly, the ended day of historical trip was in Gate of Mountain. Here, we had the opportunity to learn more about the Missoula river and the history happened related to this river. In the field, I could feel that the local people and nature have strong connection which seeing the way how effective relationship of local people and nature which was overlooked by many people that make us forget that this relationship can be the essential aspect to protect the forest, animal, land, river and typical lives of people from any harms.

From beneficial learning experience today, we as youths from Mekong region were filled full of knowledge about history of Montana and its nature which I believe that those things will be fruitful lesson learn to make us open the eyes to step forward and sometimes back to see the history of the human and nature in our region to protect nature and the livelihood of Mekong’s people.

“History always tells the stories of the people and relationship of people to nature”

Let’s make a journey and explore the world more!! J


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