The story of one hundred miles away from Missoula!

“The one who understands the world is the one who steps through the world.”By Mr. Nawaphat Kingkaew
July 9th, 2015

The sunlight of Thursday morning shone through the windows of my room and it was such a great alarm clock that woke me up on one of the most exciting days! An hour later, everyone gathered around at the hotel lobby, and departed the hotel for Montana Department of Environment Quality. After arriving there, I had a chance to discuss and share the ideas with DEQ staffs . They gave me a warm welcome and provided a lot of good information about their role as well as the specific topics such as permitting and engaging with diverse constituents. Moreover, they also explained the aspects of an environmental impact analysis(EIA) which was very interesting. After one and a half hour lecture, we took a group photos and continued our journey from Helena to the next city which is very well-known as “the richest hill on earth”,Butte.

Finally, I arrived Butte at noon and had a chance to taste the delicious cuisines which was the pizza buffet! I ate five pizzas and a bowl of salad which could make me survive for the whole day.At that moment, I found out that this city was not only beautiful, but its food was awesome.

After enjoying my lunch, I got a chance to visit “The Berkeley Pit”. On this visiting, I also had a chance to meet Mr. Joe Griffin who used to work with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a lot of stakeholders to make sure that human health and the environment are safe with the vision of realistic approach that the pollution is required a focus on managing and reducing exposures instead of being eliminated. He told me about the history and the environmental impact of that area. By the way, I could notice that the mass of the soil contained with some little shiny substances. I could also see a view from two sides which are the mining and the city sides. That’s why I could say that this visit really brought me back to the background of the history in this city!

At the end of the journey, I went to Basin Creek Natural Gas Power Plant. Especially, it was my pleasure to meet Mr.Jim Williams,the President of the Basin Creek Natural Gas Power Plant,who provided a group tour around the plant and talked with the group about bringing his perspective to the reality. I think it was such a great place to visit because it was my first time to visit the natural gas power plant and got a lot of knowledge which can be expanded wisely in the future to develop my country and the ASEAN region for the next generation.

Finally, I arrived Missoula at 6.00 pm.! I really appreciated Dr. Len Broberg, Abby Huseth, Mercedes Becker, and Khavi Homosombath for taking care all of us along the journey. I would love to say that this journey could strongly reflect a message from my heart……I love Montana……!!!! ^______^


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