After Home-stay experience by Watt

After Homestay Experience. Written by Watt

“This is the first time we are able to take a long nap” says everyone who just happily made a come-back to our so called home-away-from-home Pantzer hall and just from their host family experiences.

We are appointed to meet with Deena on 8pm to sit and review how fantastic our host families are. Well, I could say that I couldn’t be more excited to hear from our YSEALI fellows as I just saw many of my friend’s homestay photos uploaded on Facebook. They all look happy and seem to have so much fun during the stay.

Coming to think about home stay living with the host family, I happen to realized that I’ve learnt a lot of things from them and that my perspective towards American has somehow been changed forever. More excitingly, it’s when I know that there will be things and stories from friends that are going to be shared.

I think for the most important part of the journey is to see how much you’ve changed and how much you’ve gained from what you’ve experienced.

So let’s start with me! Well, apparently I’m able to see how my host parents have raised their son and daughter. Griffin and Shelby, their kids, seem to grow up happily and are able to do want they love, for example, Shelby loves skiing and she’s also a ski instructor at Snow bowl ski resort while at the same time she’s pursuing her love for environmental sciences and Spanish. Griffin, a shy but gorgeous boy, who so much gets into Baseball and Basketball while at the same time, shows his passion towards Mathematics. Most importantly, they all seem to love the nature because the family encourages their kids to go out and expose themselves to the wilderness. Also, I come to realize that in American society, being father doesn’t mean that you merely have to step out off your home and work while the mother have to take care everything domestically. This dad I’ve met, he’s able to cook Mexican food and it’s awesome, he’s able to clean up the kitchen, do the laundry and so on while the host mom is too able to do the same things while she can drives their kids to school and even take us to hiking up the mountains. To me, their relationship seems to be based on a fair treat and I love it.

To Amy and Ashby, You guys are honored and thank you for having me.

Well, having heard stories and stuff from May, Mild, Kanchani, Linh, Mai, Ann, Salai, Alex, New, David, Luffi, Watthana, Chin, Sunny, Huyen, Noud, Nyan, Kheun, and my dear celebrity-in-disguised partner, Walter, I’ve come to the conclusion enlisted that American family are:

Very encouraging and supportive while being able to build a positive worldview to their kids so that their kids are able to have such confidence and able to pursue for what they’re passionate about

Very open-minded and always treat us like one of their family members during the stay

Very enthusiastic and always asking lots of questions, seeming like they are always there to learn new things

Very sweet and they are open for their kids to be able to talk in everything

Super friendly and they are real nature lovers

Ps. I’m fully Americanized now. 😛


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