Heading back to Missoula from Glacier County!

By Min Aung Myat Ko (Walter) Myanmar (Burma)
16/07/2015 (Thursday)

The morning view of northwest Montana as I looked through my Tipi

"Glingggggg, Glingggggg!" The alarm goes off at 7 sharp, I wake up and this is the brand new day again in big sky country; Montana. I am so glad that I could make my night in the tipi which is one of my newest experiences in the US! Thanks to the sleeping bag, I am not too cold in the tent then I get out of the bag of warmth and start the packing. Realizing that I am about to leave the county of Glacier, I feel a bit unhappy and am sure that every YSEALI will also feel the same. After having breakfast at the tipi village, we are going to load the luggage on the van and then leave for Missoula at 9:25, saying goodbye to the tipis of blackfeet reservation.

Bye for now Glacier and see you again!

Our van is running straight on the way back to Missoula just like an arrow released from the bow! We are entertained with all sorts of American music on the way. One of them is the bluegrass which is very lively and a new taste of America to me. Passing through the East Glacier, we enthusiastically watch the spectacular and picturesque scenery of ice packed mountains in the distance with no breath!

​Flathead Lake; one of the world’s enormous freshwater lakes in the US

We are heading to the Flathead Lake and as always we have some fun and nice talks on the way to Missoula. A delighted moment comes to everyone on the car when we talk about the YSEALI reunion in Siam Reap, Cambodia that we all are looking forward to meeting each other again in the near future. We are at the lake by lunchtime. The Flathead Lake is one of the biggest freshwater lakes and is also in the reservation area called the Flathead Indian Reservation. The lake is now in its restoration process because of the overpopulation of the non-native plant and animal lives in the lakewhich is interfering the ecosystem of the lake. One of the most obvious invasive species is the Lake Trout with its population keeps thriving and thriving. The native people living in the area tried many ways to reduce the overpopulation of Lake Trout and they finally came up with an innovative idea. The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation, and Conservation has many programs to let the anglers to catch fish and win lottery and the most popular one is the Mack Days in which anglers can win up to $150,000 cash by catching a tagged fish which are released into the lake by the organization. There are also many bonuses and prizes for massive anglers who can catch up to hundreds of fish per day. The caught fishes goto the Food Banks which is also a way of helping the community service centers while winning jackpots! Let’s go fishing at the Flathead Lake!

We leave the Flathead Lake around 2 PM and arrived in Missoula at 3:25. We are dropped off at the Panzer and are welcomed to enjoy the barbecue party at the Bonner Park which is a few minutes walk from the campus. There we see lots of international students from the UM with variety of exchange programs from different countries. We have a very nice evening with the International Students of the UM as we chit chatted on things and played ball games there. That’s a unique ending of my day as we shared common things and feelings while studying in the United States even tough we come from different parts of the globe. Mt. Sentinel is looking us from the distance as she realizes that we are more than happy to stay in this Big Sky Country, learning and experiencing awesome things day after day.



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