From grassroots to scientists

by Ann Supatchaya Techachoochert (Thailand)

Good Morning Mountain, do you know soonly I have to move out? This is Monday of our last week here in Montana, the city which surrounded by the mountains and hugged by the rivers. I am gonna miss you!

My everyday window view

Even we had to meet 9am today, but I woke up earlier than usual. Every day is very exciting to me. First lecture of the day was starting with organic way and organizing campaign. Bonnie Buckingham focused on how important to keep agriculture land in the community as to decentralize the food production. In order to succeed, they had to increase demand of organic consumption; famer market is the good place to bring local people and farmer together. Nevertheless, local people participation about changing food policy is also important as a quick win of the organization.

After that we were heading to Laura and Henry Garber’s Farm. My first impression about this place was that they have a bit of everything: many vegetable (Dinosaur Kale, funny name which I learn today), chili, tomato, barley, wheat, chicken, goat, goose, and many more that I can’t tell.

Walk in the garden,

Smell flowers,

Catch the chicks,

Play with the dogs,

Tell stories,

Eat organic food,

And live wonderful.

We began our work by picking the red clover flowers which use to make tea. This plant is not only able to make tea but also fixed the nitrogen nutrition into soil. We toured around the farm, greeted to goat and it also greeted me nicely “Arnnnnnn”. J

We had an amazing healthy lunch; vegetable with ginger dressing is incredibly delicious, homemade bread and organic chicken is perfect combination. After a wonderful meal, we had to work a bit more on moving chicks to their new house. This was kind of fun, chicks ran around and people also run around too.

“What do you think about quiet your job and being a farmer instead?” I asked Henry.

He replied me that “We just do what we love to do and just do it.” ❤

Moving to Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) after working under the sun and having a big nice meal, no wonder what gonna happen after we got into the dark lecture room. It was really really sleepy moment but I tried hard to keep myself awake at all time.

RML is a part of NIAID (National Institue of Allergy and Infectious Disease) researching on virus-caused diseases such as ebola, mers, H5N1, etc. We visited the waste system management, a huge incinerator. Most of solid waste will be brought here and burn at extreme temperature, all particle and heavy metal will be removed from exhausted air. These whole systems represented their thoughtful about environment and community. Lastly, we had a chance to try on the laboratory suite of BSL4, like an astronaut.

Feeling like Big Hero fighting with Luffi

Today is Nyan’s Birthday. We celebrated his birthday and played with the cake. Finally, we became an Avartar having blue face. Happy Wonderful Birthday to Nyan!


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