Culture and History, Native games and National Bison Range

By Chansamai Rattanasuvannaphon

“Time and tide can’t wait for no man”

“Amazing university in the bight morning”

Hello everybody, I’m Mai Chansamai RATTANASUVANNAPHON, from Luangprabang, Laos PDR. “Time and tide can’t wait for no man” Oh no! Unbelieve able this is the last week for us to be in Missoula, Montana I gonna leave a charming, beautiful, peace, and friendly place. I wanna stop the time because I’m going to miss you so much. Especially, my friends and all gorgeous mentor. Today is one more day that I’m very happy and enjoy the schedule activities.

First activity for today is to visit Culture and History of the confederated Indian Reservation Salish and Kootenai Tribes (People’s Center Museum). Since I was a child, I just have seen the movie about the people like Native Indian American. I didn’t even know who are they and where do they live. But today I learn about their life and the culture. I was really surprise to see they collect all of the ancient material, Traditional clothes and how they hunt animal as their food. The main language of Native American Indian is Salish. For Kootenai there are very few of people speaks.

“The Grizzly Bear catching the fish Am I scare it or It scare me 😛 ”

Besides that, we move to Salish and Kootenai College Health Department. The Native Games and cultural Preservation. We have a Professor Paul Philips lead us to play games. There three game such as stickball, double ball and running scream. The game separated in to two teams, women and men for the first game was chasing small ball and then shoot to the goal. “While we were playing the game, I chase the ball and everyone try to chase the ball from me, but I gave to Hyuen no one knew so they still ran in to me” 5555 I trick them, they all said I’m a dangerous girl. This game the men won. The second game was double ball. This game has two teams and the man and women are mixed. In the end of the game, I could do it , I shoot the double ball in to the goal….”Yeyyey! I can do it” and last game before lunch was running scream. All the game we did also be part of their culture.

“Playing the stickball and double ball my team is the winner”

For our lunch today was rice soup with carrot, potato, and bison meat. In Laos, I ate buffalo meat quite hard, but baison meat is really soft and nice. Infront of the college there is an eagle statutes making by old car. The people are believe that the spirit has been living in the statutes so everyon must respect The people in the college all welcome YSEALI group. Teachers and students there really friendly they also serve us testy icecream.

Last activity for today, we continued to the National Bison Range. Bison Range is one of oldest wildlife Refuge in the nation and it also be an example of attempts a bridal-federal partnership under the 1994 tribal self- Governance.

“The real Bison”

It was impress me, when I saw the horn of elk. It has a lots, if other countries, it may be the trade for sale, but here they collect everything. Bison and buffalo in my country really different. It’s my first time of life to see the real bison. It was really wonderful day. While we were driving back to Missoula, I could never forget how beautiful the mountain is.

I’m falling in love Missoula, it is my second home. I want to stop the time! Feels like going to miss somethings in life.

“The mission mountain…..I love the nature”


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