Another Amazing Day in Missoula.

Hey! I’m Vathana from Cambodia. I’m back. This is my second time writing blog, telling about what I did on July 22nd 2015.

Today’s weather is so good. It was drizzling since the early morning. Then, it suddenly turned out to be sunny when the first activity started – Garden City Harvest and the PEAS Farm. I felt like even the sky let us clean up the weeds peacefully.

What I found interesting about the farm is that it is a part of Community Support Agriculture (CSA). For instance, at the beginning of the process, the farm receives a certain amount of budget from particular people to grow vegetables and fruits. When those vegetables and fruits are ready to be collected, the people come to get them once a week.

Furthermore, there are students who come from universities and high schools to work there. It was kind of curious for me. So, while I was weeding in the tomato farm, I decided to ask one of those students what the purpose of coming there. She said that she studied Environmental Science and she came here to volunteer. So that, she can have a chance to get know about how to grow organic plants to get good food. I found it really interesting because they chose work on something related to environment during their summer vacation. Anyway, I enjoyed working on that farm so much because specifically I could get to know how the strawberry plants grow and I love strawberries.

In the afternoon, I went to the food bank. I have to admit that I felt like it was odd for me when people here can have free food if they come to the food bank and declare that they don’t earn much in order to provide themselves and their families enough food and nutrition. There is no such thing in Cambodia. By the way, all of the fellows had a really good time working on categorizing the canned food and stuff like that. I believe that the hard working coming from us this afternoon was really meaningful.

When we arrived at The Pantzer Hall, Mel and Sam had been there already. Mel informed us that each of us is allowed to have a package to be sent home because we have obviously accumulated a lot of stuff over these 4 weeks in Montana. Sam was there also. It was so sad that that was the last time that all of us can meet Sam because he had to go to the Glacier National Park with his family by this evening as all of us have to leave Montana on July 25th. We really appreciate his engagement and his help through out the program.

Furthermore, in the evening, we went to see a baseball match of The Brewers Vs Osprey. Although I did not really understand much about how that kind of sport works, I still enjoyed watching it and tried understand it by asking my friend – Luffi who was sitting next to me

Then, I left there earlier and went the Albertsons alone to buy some snack. On the way going there, I saw the sunset, which was really beautiful and pleasant to me. Even at my hometown, I really like spending doing nothing but watching the sunset. That’s why, this evening was one of the perfect moments I have ever had. I love it!


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