A Dam Tour Day

By: Alex Akkhavong (Laos)

Get to start the day…

It was very cloudy day this morning without the sunshine, which was the great contribution to my tight sleeping. It was 7:00am when I could open my eyes and curiously look at the time on my phone after it had been ringing for alarm clock for almost 15 minutes. As every time to prepare for leaving, at 8:15am we gathered up at the lobby of Pantzer Hall, where we were familiar with the scene of 20 participants and our mentors discussing and getting ready for a tour.

Explore Dam…

We went to Milltown Dam, where we had a big lesson learned about the impacts of Dam in upper of Clark Fork River, and also the nation’s largest superfund project to remove the dam, clean up sediment, re-mediate substances, restore natural river, and develop the environmental after the dam.

Arriving the Dam, Dr. Len gave a brief speech

Everyone was paying attention to the Speaker, pardon,, everyone?!

Removal of Dam (photo from the sign at Milltown Dam)

Nothing, just to post our group photo.. any problem?

Leadership sessions…

After that we had a session with Dr. Len Broberg, our gorgeous mentor to provide us the challenges and techniques to apply in our countries projects.

M&M implementation, the funny part at the Session with Dr. Len this morning.

Project Concerns…

At the afternoon, we had project discussions with our Mentors Dr. Len, Nick, and Khavi for their comments and suggestions to improve and develop our project proposal. After that, all participants worked on their own projects. All the teams also spent the whole evening to edit and complete the projects with the PPT presentation to be ready for tomorrow.

Well, we still have some time to practice our cultural performance for Friday night as well. Cheers!

PS1. Lunch at the Food Zoo today is the best (the best of all anytime since we arriving here because today there is pork grill and BBQ sauce – I mean better than the other days – I liked it though)

PS2. We are running out of time with only 2 days left here. Honestly, I really don’t wanna leave. *Cry real hard*.

If I run into Doraemon, I would ask him for the Time Machine so that I could stop my time here, in MISSOULA! It is doubtless to say that the hardest thing to do at the end of this week is to say Good Bye to this place. T.T



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