Until we meet again, Montana! ;)

“Every party must come to an end and when it does, there are kisses and promises and waves goodbye.” – Life Magazine

Hello again everyone! I am Mild from Thailand. And even though I feel sad to say today is our last full day in Montana, it’s my pleasure to record our last but memorable moment together. We start the day with our intense group project presentation. All of us have done a great job preparing them and I’m so excited to see them applied in the field. Our team(Thailand) plans to organize reality shows relating to organic farming and lifestyles. Laos and Myanmar team come up with the idea to educate students about waste management, which is also a big issue in our country. Vietnamese team intends to provide education and support for those affected by big flood. Cambodian team will organize a bike tour during our YSEALI reunion in February 2016 and I’m really looking forward to that!

After the presentation, we had a little ceremony to celebrate our three successful weeks here in Montana. Even three weeks seem to be a short period of time, we feel like here is our second home already. Next, we were cycling together to bike parking spot, where we have to return our bike, the one that took us everywhere, namely NAC, Food zoo, Albertsons, Southgate mall, Book exchange, Best Buy, Downtown, the river, the “M”, the “L”, ANYWHERE!

Thailand team paying respect to Grizzly Bear! xD

Everybody says “YSEALI~~” 😀

After that we have last group photo in UM together. Then, everyone went back to the dorm to prepare their cultural performances and dress. It’s been my first time seeing all of us in national dresses and everyone looks so beautiful! I came down hurriedly to the meeting point to gather up with everyone. Since I couldn’t make my own hair, I always have to ask for Mai to do mine.Thank you Mai for always helping me. I love every of your gorgeous hairstyles! ❤

Moreover, there’s another special occasion today, Vathana’s birthday. Hurray!!! After dinner, all of us gather to celebrate his 21st birthday (with some big change comes with this age, huh?) We are very happy to present him with blueberry cheese cake we made ourselves (though most of the instant ingredients are sold in Albertsons :P) and also special gifts from all of us as seen in the picture below~~

Vathana’s birthday cake and his present (honey Watt) from beloved YSEALI fellows

After a walking tour around the shy bear farm to admire all beautiful handmade sculptures, they taught us how to perform contra dance. It was kind of confusing at first but “That’s why it is fun!” said the teacher. I found the dance was really enjoyable especially when you’ve got a chance to exercise after filling all those delicious meals into your whole stomach.

Then, our YSEALI’s cultural performance tonight proudly begins with the show from Laos team. They were dancing the traditional song very beautifully, representing the refined art of Lao dancing culture. They dressed elegantly in their silk-made traditional dress and in a very colorful kind of texture.

Next is our Thailand show. We perform Muay Thai or Thai boxing, which is the traditional combating sport. Watt and New demonstrated each pose vividly and it looks so real, while I and Ann were a referee and an orator. After amazing performance, we end the show by inviting everyone to dance with us.

The third show belongs to Team Cambodia. My first impression goes to their national costume which is very neat, simply elegant, and I think their costume is alike to certain kind of Thai national dresses, meaning that our cultures are deeply rooted together and given people from our countries are actually sharing common brother and sisterhood. The song is very cheerful and the team allowed us to join the show and that’s pretty fun.

The fourth show respectively belongs to Team Vietnam. Team Vietnam represents top-notch national dress. Men and Women dressed beautifully, showing the uniqueness of its long-lasting history and tradition that imprinted on their gorgeous “Ao Dai” and I personally think that the song they chosen is very beautiful and very melodious.

The last shows was perfectly timed by Team Myanmar. The opening dancing by May was pretty impressive. Her movement was fast, rigorous yet gorgeous. And also I was impressed by the men in national dresses behind who were singing the song in their beautiful mother tongue. However, this show was considered to be the show of all YSEALI fellows since everyone moved themselves on the stage and danced together with Team Myanmar.

YSEALI fellows in national dress with our beloved mentor

Our journey here in Montana has to come to an end. We’re surely going to miss our great moment together in lovely campus of the University of Montana. Later than saying goodbye to our beloved UM, we’d say “UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!” Time does fly so fast! After spending three whole weeks together, there are only 9 days left for us to talk, laugh, and enjoy the moment with one another. New adventures await us in New Orleans and Washington D.C. Let’s make it the best week ever!

Love you all.


One thought on “Until we meet again, Montana! ;)

  1. Hello to you all! I was at Shy Bear Farm last evening (and live down below the farm by a creek). I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your enthusiasm, good will and beauty in the dancing and performances. It was a gift to be in your presence!

    I wanted to know more about the YSEALI program, so did a little research and found this blog. It has been fun reading about your experiences and impressions!

    I made some photographs of the dancing, and thought about sharing them on Facebook, but wanted to ask your permission first. Could someone let me know if that would be alright? Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of your travels!


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